At Santillana USA, we listen to our community. We want to offer the best product to teachers and students by implementing your new ideas and suggestions. Therefore, we are proudly introducing our latest Teacher Dashboard.

We carried out some updates and changes that will enrich and facilitate teacher’s grading process. Some of these changes are:

• Adjust the number of attempts per activity.

• Able to view each students’ scores and answers (including the number of attempts to complete the activity and date). Also, the teacher has the option of leaving a note message about the individual activity.

• Manually grading open-ended activities.

• Locking and unlocking an activity for grading. If an activity is locked, it prevents any students submissions from registering any answers for grading. 

• Decide which activity will count toward a student’s grade.

The Teacher Dashboard is a powerful reporting tool at your fingertips! Save time by mastering simple usage techniques, so that you can spend time on the more important tasks... like teaching!

For more information, please visit our Teacher Dashboard article in our Help Center, or send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..