Did you know that Santillana’s Anthologies offer a series of leveled stories from different genres? These narratives are divided into “Principiante”, “Intermedio” and “Avanzado”. They offer the “Listen and Follow” audio option that reads to the student and highlights each word that is being read. It also allows the student to click on one of the words to hear the pronunciation and the translation in English. These stories also include pre-, during- and after reading activities for those advanced students and/or heritage speakers. Plus, the teacher can download these questionnaires and print them for the students as in-class assignment or homework.
Anthologies contains a glossary section and it contains audio with the pronunciation of each one of the words and provides the proper pronoun for the nouns.
In addition, Anthologies offer 3 different evaluations/assessments: beginning of the year, mid-year and end of year with multiple-answer and open answer options. These will be based on reading and listening performance.